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по имени по ссылке по YouTube. Расширенный поиск.IOS 11 final solutions for app store cannot connect, stuc Время: 00:06:17 Просмотров: 46 530. При загрузке app store на iphone 5c ios 7.0.5. Не грузится вkладка featured. После не долгих ожиданий выдает " cannot connect to app store " что делать? When you want to get some new Apps from the App Store on your iPhone/iPad and only to find " Cannot connect to App Store" shown you on the screen, thats can be quite frustrating. Since updating my iPhone to the latest iOS version available, Ive been having problems with the App Store. Specifically, when I was in the Passbook application and clicked the App Store portal, I was met with the following error: "Cannot connect toYouTube v12.45 has fixed an issue with battery usage. Youtube has made an update which makes the youtube app on my 1st gen iPad no longer work. Apple doesnt support the 1st iPad anymore so were stuck on iOS 5.1.1 and YouTube now requires iOS 7 or later (something like that).

Владельцам старых iPhone, iPad и iPod touch больше не удастся просматривать видео в официальном приложении YouTube. Видеохостинг объявил об изменениях в API, и эти изменения не поддерживают старые версии iOS. The app no longer is updating or working. I have an iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 and kept it that way because I liked the native YouTube and native maps.Always got the same "cannot connect to YouTube." stopped working about two weeks ago. iPad Accessories iOS Apps iPod touch iOS Programming iPod Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices Apple Watch Apple Watch Apple Watch Accessories Apple Watch Apps Macsdo you guys facing same problem with me, my iPhone 6 update 11.2.6 cannot connect 5 ghz. Cercube 4 for YouTube (TWEAKED). WARNING: Uninstall original YouTube app first! -- Tweaked version by Majd Alfhaily Ребят, я вот не могу себе поставить youtube из апстора, ругается что ios8 ему надо, с какой версии перестала поддерживаться ios7? Jul 27, 2011. Some fixes for slow Youtube app on iPhone and iPad over WiFi connection. Update! : The original Apple built-in app for YouTube has been removed as of iOS 6.

Be sure to go to the App Store and get the new official YouTube app from Google. Youre viewing YouTube in Russian.Cannot Connect to App Store in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad Fixed - Продолжительность: 1:33 windows. help 17 386 просмотров. iOS 8 connection error with App store can now be easily fixed, using a couple of simple steps.iOS 8 has been recently afflicted with numerous bugs and issues, wherein a vague "Cant connect to App Store" error reportedly shows up while trying to log in to the App store. Fix YouTube (Cannot Connect to YouTube) Push Notifications on iOS 4.3 iOS 4.3.1 [How-To Guide]. By Ben Johnson last updated August 5, 2014.Note: After installing Push Doctor on iOS 4.3.1, my YouTube app and Push Notifications worked just fine but on iOS 4.3 YouTube app worked have access to YouTube, but those who never upgraded will be out of luck because Apple now only offers iOS 8, which is not supported on the iPhone 4.Other users with old iPads can just upgrade to Apples latest OS to use the YouTube app. When iPhone cannot connect to YouTube you will need to check the wireless connection and see if you are connected.YouTube Downloader for iPhone: 10 Best YouTube Downloader App for iPhone and iOS. Any Product-related questions? С 20 апреля YouTube прекращает поддержку старых версий iOS 5 и 6 и Apple TV.В App Store обновили поиск Apple — лидер на рынке мобильной рекламы LTE работает у Билайн Сетевой накопитель RAID 5 с интерфейсом Thunderbolt 2. Швейцарские «умные» часы Alfex Connect доступны для предзаказа в России.Иди ходи со своим 7 или se айфоном а нам нравятся старые девайсы! Google верните YouTube на iOS 7, 6 и тд. The bug in iOS can be the reason why iPhone wont download or update apps. If there is a new iOS version available, it is advisable to download and install it. You can do that wirelessly, or using iTunes. To update the software wirelessly: Connect your iPhone to a power source. You just cant imagine iPhones or iPads or iPods and even Macs without iTunes as it has become a part of the ecosystem. Some users reported that they are facing Cannot Connect to App Store error on their i-Devices and some even reported that they are unable to fix the issue. Do the youtube videos use a different port than they did on iOS5 or on PCs?I have an iPhone 2G, and my YouTube app is not working as of my last backup. Its displays an error of " Cannot connect to YouTube". Download Youtube iPA For iOS on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreaking which is tweaked version of the official app, enjoy the features of Youtube tweak. Is anyones battery draining after upgrading to iOS 11.2.2?296. Used iPhone 6 or new Snapdragon 625 Android phone?251.Every time I launch the YouTube app, I get the dreaded "Cannot connect to YouTube" message and no videos are able to be viewed/seen. Не получается зайте в App Store со своего iPhone 7/6/5/4 или скачать из него программу, игру?У меня айфон 5s почему то не заходит в апп стор когда заходишь там появляется токое слово Cannot Connect to App Store как решать эту задачу. This logo was used from iPhone OS 1 to iOS 5. YouTube app was removed in iOS 6. The service in that app was still functional until April 2015, when V2 of the YouTube Data API ceased to function. After YouTube app was removed in iOS 6 I updated to iOS 11 from the settings on my phone not the Apple beta program website (dont know if that makes a difference) and Ive tried all of these things but my App Store still wont load and myJazzy Kook If youre using cellular data to connect to the Internet, larger items might not download. How To: Get iOS 5 for Your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. How To: Cannot Connect to the App Store in iOS 11?How To: Save YouTube Videos Directly to Your iPhones Camera Roll. All Features. Youre viewing YouTube in English. You can change this preference below.IOS 11 FINAL SOLUTIONS FOR APP STORE CANNOT CONNECT - Duration: 6:17. Категории: iOS : Report a technical issue : iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3, YouTube App v - Cant login.Hi I have just upgraded my google account to google and now I cannot log into the app on myThe team is actively working the issues related to connecting YouTube channels to Google Before you try a few solutions listed below, we suggest you to wait a little longer. As the reason why you cannot download or update app on iPhone after iOS 11 update is probably a problem with Apple server. YouTube. Description: Adds new features to YouTube: Download videos to your device.Step 3: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.Step 7: After the app is installed, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or Device Management / Profiles Device Management).

Даже при скачанных приложениях прямо в стор на девайсе, при обновлений этих же apps, я вижу "Cannot connect to iTunes Store".Вопросы по работе приложений Архив контента из Cydia Архив контента из Cydia [iOS 6.x] Архив контента из Cydia [ iOS 5.x] Архив контента из Текущий язык просмотра YouTube: Русский. Выбрать другой язык можно в списке ниже.IOS 11 FIX CANNOT CONNECT TO APPSTORE - Продолжительность: 3:12 FAST TECH 56 628 просмотров. Cannot connect to YouTube is one of common problems that will appear on jailbroken iPhone, and usually comes together with Push Notification and GPS issue. If your iPhone has not jailbroken yet, you can read How to Jailbreak iPhone 3.1 Firmware (Windows). Users of Apple iOS 6 were disappointed to find that the YouTube app is no longer pre-installed on there devices ( iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 5, iPad 3, iPad 2). How comes this peculiar issue and how to fix it? Remove Third-Party App Profile. Cannot connect to App Store iOS 11 Fix.Cannot Connect to iTunes Store on iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7/6, iPad: [Fixed Here]. Fixed: WiFi Password Sharing Not Working in iOS 11: Unable To Share Password. I dont own an iOS device, but my brother cannot connect from his iPad. He got errors like those users reportingIm trying to connect my server using the IOS app but is not working. Can someone try to help me? [nextcloud] Best regards In case you had been trying to load YouTube videos on Safari or other browser apps on your iPhone and cant succeed, maybe you should just try the YouTube iOS app instead. It is available in App Store for free and doesnt take much time or data to download either. Fix iOS 11 Bluetooth Not Working Issues On iPhone Or iPad [Tips]. iOS 11 App Store Wish List, Free App Of The Week Feature: Where Have They Gone?5723alex . I have that Cannot connect to App Store on my iPad mini 1 running iOS 9.3.5. There was the usual pre-release outage of Apples web services (and even App Store, in some regions), but a lot of iPhone owners have been complaining that they cannot access App Store or services related to it after updating to iOS 6 Step 3: Re-enter the password to your Apple ID to login again. You should now be able to open and access the App Store on your iOS device without getting the dreaded Cant connect to App Store error. Set Date Time Automatically. Resolve iTunes Store Connection Issue on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac even on iTunes for Windows. 4. YouTube App Not Working Error: Cannot connect to YouTube: Sometimes, because of the poor data connection speeds or poor performance of iPhone, while the phone is handling too many processes. Fix iOS 11 Cannot Connect To App Store Error On iPhone Or iPadDec 9, 2014 One such problem in iOS 8 is a vague Cant connect to App Store that most users get when they first setup their iPhone or iPad. When I opened the App Store on my iPhone, the app refused to load up, saying Cannot Connect to App Store. I forced quit the app and rebooted my iOS 11 device but the error couldnt be solved. Hence, I had to dig a bit deeper to get it fixed. Because YouTube iPA app is a modified app, it includes with advanced features than stranded Youtube app. Previously Youtube app available for jailbroken iOS devices only. But, Now you can install to iPhone,iPad and iPod touch to in many ways. Fix "Cannot Connect to iTunes or App Store" Issue iOS 8 iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.IOS 11 final solutions for app store cannot connect, stuck on waiting. автор FAST TECH дата 08.09.2017. I still get "cannot connect to YouTube", whether from the original YouTube app or from clicking on a youtube link in any Safari page, on my original iPad. And as I said, I dont know of any alternate YouTube app that runs on my iOS 5.1.1, beyond which I cant upgrade. While the official standalone YouTube app for iPhone and iPad doesnt have as many features as the Android version (unsurprisingly given that YouTube owned by Google), it isPlenty of personalization. You can use the YouTube app for iOS to watch videos, search for channels, and comment. Youtube, in case you didnt know, is the tweaked version of the official Youtube app for iOS devices. The Youtube app does allow you to save videos for watching offline, but not all videos can be downloaded. Is it possible to upgrade an iPad 1, 16gb from iOS 5 to iOS 7?Unfortunately not, the last system update for first generation iPads was iOS 5.1 and due to hardware restrictions it cannot be run later versions.If you want to see what is involved there are several web sites and a YouTube video with

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