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Найдено по ссылке: 2.x version of AngularJS. Angular is supposed to work in IE10, according to the official websiteIts seems you are talking about Angularjs (the first version) and i think you are meaning Angular 2. Correct me if im wrong!! Best regards! This entry was posted in Хочу сделать мир лучше and tagged AngularJs, CORS, ie, ie9, javascript by Stepan.In some caes it can work natively, here is a set of limitations, which make it almost unusable in modern apps no custom headers, no authentication or cookies, etc. http Angularjs http load data from local disk issue in IE9.Im getting a strange behaviour with AngularJSs http and not really understanding how transformResponse works (the docs are a bit light on this one). AngularJS IE Family Support. Current version 1.2.7 still supports IE8 and above.Note: While working with IE7, our results page would crash while trying to parse a medium/large json object.4- Ajax Caching: IE caches the XHR requests. In order to avoid this, we set an HTTP response header I think that IE9 doesnt support input[typeemail], my understanding is that AngularJS renders inputIm not seeing validity in your stuff at all, which is curious because IE10 claims to support it ( httpTo my knowledge, theres no reason why emailInputType should fail to work with IE9 emulation, but I Angular.js Recipes The solution to all Angular problems. Angular Routing not working in IE7.I couldnt get my version to work in IE7, and after spending a while trying to work out what I have missed / done wrong I have noticed that the example doesnt work. It works in IE8, Chrome and Firefox but has a different behavior in IE9 as described below.The AngularJS lates (1.3 beta 19) uses eval . This is forbidden in chrome extionsion. How to solve the problem without authorizing events ? The problem is that the IE ignore that. The IE not even add a style-attribute. (see screen).AngularJS - ngInfiniteScroll - memory leak.

angularjs December 18,2017. Magnific Popup not working in small screen. Multilingual URL is not working in IE11 same URL is working with other browser. Would like to know whether Arabic URL is supported in IE11? Hello, See this httpRelated tags. angularjs not working in ie11. RELATED CONTENT. javascript - Why is jQuery 1.8 Not Working in Internet Explorer 9 as well as IE8 ?javascript - How to handle anchor hash linking in AngularJS.

javascript - AngularJS: Basic example to use authentication in Single Page Application. Component ID has already been found in the view. Spring MVC/Angular JS / AJax --- how to fix a view change? Fieldset is not working. Fieldset is not working. More this.projects [. name: "AngularJS", version: "1.5", language: "JavaScript", maintainer: "Google", stars: 35000Ive also had luck with tables in IE 9 by adding

I couldnt get the iexhr.js plugin to work for requests behind HTTP Basic Authentication, but XDomainRequest worked like a charm! AngularJS 1.3 / 1.4 does not work with IE8. With these custom builds you get good IE8 support.When using q promise methods catch or finally in IE8 use bracket notation instead of dot notation. Same goes for http delete method. Angular is supposed to work in IE10, according to the official website: Recently, if you create a brand newHi guys, can anyone know about this strangest problem of angularJs in IE11. My code is not working in IE11 but when i click on inspect element it works Только начал изучать AngularJS и столкнулся с проблемой. Не обновляются данные из контроллера. Приведу код контроллера: testController.js. appTest.controller(testController, function (scope,document, http) scope.datasize 0 scope.itemPerPage 3 I have inject http in my controller and have also tried to hit the API with resource but nothing is happening when i hit the service on click event. I have tried this with core javascript and it works fine but why its not working http or resouce. XDomain allows you to apply a solution that works without modifying any AngularJS code and, by keeping it in conditional comments, means that it doesnt affect code running in any browser other than IE9. Im a beginner with Angularjs. Im going to develop an application with this framework andAll works in Chrome and Firefox and IE10 and IE11, and I do not know why the application does not work on IE9.You can use the Angular init mode of the Webix Snippets located at http AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps. Declarative templates with data-binding, MVC, dependency injection and great testability story all implemented with pure client-side JavaScript! So, my first question is whether anyone has had success with SP 2013, Angularjs (any version) and IE 9. If so, what are your browser security settings?I changed all ng- refs to data-ng- in all HTML files and still the same problem. Does not work in IE9. I have an angularjs app, where I am using ng-app on div, and not the html. The application works fine in IE>10 and chrome,FF.Doing this doesnt show the anymore, but no data is coming. I am getting data using http get like this. In IE9, it keep trying to load pages and going endlessly.Routing issue in angularjs with ui-router. Msxml2.XMLHTTP not working on IE9. Having an issue with a simple angularjs example. ORIGINAL QUESTION: Ive really been digging in to AngularJS recently and loving it.The data binding/templating is not working in IE 8. Im setting a variable called scope.pageTitle in my MainController and it works in Chrome and Firefox. I couldnt get my version to work in IE7, and after spending a while trying to work out what I have missed / done wrong I haveAngularjs Best Practice for Data Store. December 20, 2017 Angularjs Leave a comment.Forms auth redirecting css/script includes to the login page with HTTP 302. Our app is using AngularJS 1.1.5 and jQuery 1.x. A few weeks ago it was time to make our app work in IE 8. A good starting point is the official Angular IE guide.We decided to set the http response header cache-control:no-cache for every http Ajax response. The main issue with IE7 is its lack of support for HTML5 tags, so we have to tag our AngularJS HTML template accordingly to make sure it will load our app. So heres how it got it to work This is done by setting the script type to text/ng-template and the id to the name of the route. This blog post explains more: httpHi Emil, Great Work.Very good explanation on AngularJs HTML5 routing using HTML5 mode and the history.pushState api. Monitoring http Activity With http Interceptors In AngularJS. Parsing AngularJS Request Data On The Server Using ColdFusion.But as the angular adds up the dynamic callbacks, the cache feature is not working in the server as the Url may vary on each request. AngularJS on HTTP calling service on HTTPS on IE9.spellchecktrue is not working in ie9. jQuery change event firing on all fields in angular directive only in IE9. How to tell if IE9 is forcing a page reload. AngularJS and IE 8. If you are using IE8 as your main browser, you will have noticed that the demos in the previous chapters looked less than stellar. In fact, none of them might have worked as expected. angularjs css html internet explorer javascript. AngularJs ng-repeat expressions not working in IE9.In Chrome this works fine, but not in IE9 all the tick marks and numbers are bunched up on the left-hand side. Use the ng-style directive instead of the style attribute. The browser is trying to interpret your Angular expression as (invalid) CSS ng-style will make Angular evaluate the value and then apply it as the style attribute.

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